Mission Statement

To provide high quality dental and oral treatment in a caring environment, recognizing each patient as a whole person.

There are many components to carrying this mission out, such as the maintenance of high-tech equipment and the continuing education provided for the staff. The Hippocratic Oath has been an excellent standard down through the ages, and we believe that all health care professionals should embrace the values outlined in it. A copy is avalailable in our waiting room for your inspection.

All people have individual physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We strive to view each person as not simply a body with teeth and gums that need attention, but also to recognize that other factors in that person's life may also be very prominent at any given time. If we can be of any help by lending a listening ear, please do not hesitate to bring this to our attention. Also if you would like prayer for yourself or for another, feel free to let us know.

Should you have any other physical or emotional problems that are not being addressed, and would like a referral to the appropriate physician or counselor, we will do our best to help you in this.

If you are uncertain about your spiritual needs and would like more information, you may ask Dr. Getty, or if you are hesitant to discuss this, there are many good pastors in this area, or you may visit numerous web sites for sound Christian information. One that may be of interest is Focus on the Family. Another is Campus Crusade for Christ.